Margaret Atwood reads the Full Moon Mall at the Moon Festival

Margaret Atwood reads the Full Moon Mall. Credit: Moon Festival.

The virtual month long Moon Festival got underway on July 5th with a reading of a short story titled Full Moon Mall by famed author Margaret Atwood.

The story is set in Toronto and Atwood narrates the 5 minute story from here home.

Watch Margaret Atwood read Full Moon Mall

Month long Moon virtual festivities

Also on offering are an animated and other short films, a story by Astrophysicist Hubert Reeves called Star Teller, landscape art, architecture and even some classical music.

National Film Board Moon Man animated short debuts

“Moon Man is an animated short inspired by the song “Moon Man Newfie,” composed and sung by Canadian music legend Stompin’ Tom Connors. It tells the story of folk hero Codfish Dan, who made Newfoundland history after a lucky fishing trip on the Milky Way.”

“Moon Man is the NFB’s (National Film Board) second animated film using the revolutionary IMAX SANDDE digital system, which enables animators to draw and animate 3D images in space with a moving wand. It is presented here in its 2D version.”

Moon Man animated short film. Credit: Moon Festival/Paul Morstad.

The festival runs through August 3rd.

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