Kymeta ‘magical’ metamaterial technology

Kymeta comms on the move. Credit: Kymeta.

If you’re not familiar with Kymeta, the company uses the catch phrase “comms on the move” to describe itself. One person SpaceQ spoke with from the defense sector called their metamaterial technology magical.

On this weeks episode of the Space Economy podcast my guests are Lilac Muller, VP Product Management and Jon Maron, VP Marketing of Kymeta.

The company provides mobile internet solutions with their terminals connected to satellites and cellular networks. Today we’ll be talking about the innovations the company has made in metamaterial made antenna’s, the comms services they are now bundling with their terminals and what adding low Earth orbit constellations will mean for everyone wanting “comms on the move.”

Kymeta desscribes says of their metamaterials that it “enables Kymeta to build a more efficient antenna that delivers the dynamic electronically-steered performance of a phased array without the need for expensive and power-hungry phase shifters, related amplifiers and other components.”

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Updated at 2:00 pm EST for title and text correction of metamaterial.

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