Food security and space farming

A rendering of greenhouses mounted externally to the Nanoracks Bishop Airlock on the International Space Station. Credit: Nanoracks / Mack Crawford.

Even before the current COVID-19 pandemic food, security was an issue that many nations were contending with. Research and development on-orbit to address this issue has happened, but it’s been limited. Now, a new commercial effort is looking to bring meaningful solutions to agricultural issues on Earth.

On this weeks episode of the Space Economy podcast my guest is Jeffrey Manber, co-founder and CEO of Nanoracks, a leading supplier of commercial space services. In this podcast Jeffrey and I will discuss the company’s latest initiative, the StarLab Space Farming Center, why Jeffrey thinks it’s important for food security, and the implications to the agricultural sector.

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Food security and space farming with Jeffrey Manber, Nanoracks

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