ESA is looking for Canadian partners for ScyLight Program and HydRON Project

HydRON will develop the world’s first (all) optical transport network at terabit capacity in space. Credit: ESA.

SatCan is holding an industry webinar on Wednesday, July 28 so that the European Space Agency (ESA) can present the opportunities available for the ScyLight program and HydRON project.

As Canada is an associate member of ESA through the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), opportunities to participate in some ESA projects present themselves from time to time.

Currently ESA is looking to gage the interest of Canadian organizations for the Secure and Laser Communication Technology (SciLight) program and the High Throughput Optical Network (HydRON) project as the invitation to tender for these projects is open.

To that end they are working with the the Satellite Canada Innovation Network (SatCan) in organizing a webinar. Registration is open and free. Organizations with an interest in Free Space Optical Communications, Quantum Communications, Photonic Technologies, hardware manufactures and software developers are encouraged to attend.

ESA’s ScyLight program “supports the research, development and evolution of optical communication – laser – technologies, and provides flight opportunities for their in-orbit verification.”

Within the ScyLight program is the HydRON project. ESA states that “HydRON will develop the world’s first (all) optical transport network at terabit capacity in space, by extending terrestrial fibre-based networks seamlessly into space.” And “the overall objective or mission statement of HydRON is to demonstrate: ‘Fibre in the Sky’ technology integrated in terrestrial networks at Terabit capacity demonstrated by European and Canadian Industries by 2025.”

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