CSA issues tender related to spectrum management services

File photo - Satellite dishes and data illustration, C-Band, spectrum. Credit: SpaceQ.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has issued a tender for support services related to technical and regulatory Spectrum Management Services.

Tender summary:

“The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is the primary Government entity for Canadian satellite operations in the public domain and provides mission and space data services to other government departments and to the public. With currently multiple science and Earth observation (EO) satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and several more missions under development, the CSA relies heavily on space communications to operate its space crafts and deliver its services. As such, CSA is one of the largest Canadian space operators and users of orbital and radio frequency (RF) licenses for space applications.”

“In order to maintain its current services and secure frequency bands for the next generation Canadian satellites, CSA must engage with the International Telecommunications Union, with national regulators such as Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), the US Federal Communications Commission, national and international frequency coordination/planning committees, administrations or satellite operators in other jurisdictions.”

“To carry-out its orbital/spectrum management activities, the CSA seeks to complement its internal resourcing with additional contractual support services related to technical and regulatory Spectrum Management Services.”

The tender is open until July 30, 2021 and one contract will be awarded. The contract will run from the award date to March 31, 2023 and is initially valued at $350,000. The CSA has the option to renew up to two additional one year contracts each valued at $250,000. The total potential value of the contract with renewals is $850,000.

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