Deltion Innovations Wants Canada to be a Leader in Space Mining

United Launch Alliance moon mining concept. Credit: United Launch Alliance.

Space mining is an idea that used to be just a concept. Now companies, small and large, are working towards the goal of setting up mining operations on the moon and asteroids.

In Canada, one of those companies is Deltion Innovations, based out of Sudbury and born out of the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology.

This week on the SpaceQ podcast I spoke with Deltion founder and CEO, Dale Boucher. Boucher has been working on space mining technology since 1999. This conversation follows last weeks podcast where I spoke with Chief Technology Office Grant Bonin of Deep Space Industries which has a long term goal of mining asteroids and manufacturing goods in space.

In talking about space mining we need to separate the hype from reality. So what is the reality of space mining? Is space mining a realistic venture? How mature or immature is the technology? Is anyone working on heavy mining machinery needed for the moon? Will Canada participate on a mission to test mining equipment on the moon or elsewhere? Do we know where to begin mining operations on the moon? Are nations like Canada, a leader in mining, working on policy frameworks for mining on the moon or elsewhere?

These are just some of the questions Dale answers. Have a listen.

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