The CSA Awards $600K+ Contracts for ROI Study on Deep Space Telecommunications Technologies and UV/Optical Wide Field Space Astronomy Study

File photo - This artist's concept shows how the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) laser beams data to Earth from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) late last week issued two contracts totalling over $600K for two studies. The contracts were awarded to Euroconsult and COM DEV (Honeywell Canada).

The Euroconsult contract is valued at $100,948 and is for a study on the Potential Return on Investment of Deep Space Telecommunications Technologies.

The CSA describes the contract works as follows: “The Canadian Space Agency is examining potential contributions to future international space exploration missions. Among the areas under consideration are telecommunications technologies. Deep-space exploration poses a new set of challenges to traditional telecommunications technologies. The objective of this project is to analyze and assess the potential return on investment (ROI) of next generation telecommunications technologies (optical and radio frequency) for deep-space exploration, including commercial space and terrestrial applications.”

Euroconsult has until June 22, 2018 to complete the study.

The second contract award went to COM DEV (Honeywell Canada) and is valued at $517,387.50 and is for the Science Maturation Study for UV/Optical Wide Field Space Astronomy.

The CSA describes the contract works as follows: “The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) located in St-Hubert (Quebec), is seeking proposals for one Science Maturation Study in Space Astronomy targeting wide field UV/optical imaging telescope aimed principally at the investigation of dark energy. The overall objectives of CSA Space Exploration Strategic Planning Science Maturation Studies are to mature and validate science requirements and plans for future missions in planetary science, space astronomy and life sciences investigations. This study follows a previous concept study for a UV/optical wide field space telescope. The Science Maturation study will refine science objectives and requirements as well as propose a plan forward including cost and schedule estimates.”

COM DEV has approximately 15 months to complete the study.

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