CSA Awards 10 Earth Observation Application Development Program Contracts

The International Space Station was 258 miles above Canada when an Expedition 59 crewmember photographed the Gulf of St. Lawrence and portions of Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Credit: NASA. (April 11, 2019)

The Canadian Space Agency has selected 10 companies to develop applications as part of the Earth Observation Application Development Program.

The maximum award for each contract was $300,000 and it appears most received the maximum amount.


The following background information is from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) request for proposals;

As part of its response to the growing crisis of climate change, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has endorsed a series of objectives within the Climate Change Impacts and Ecosystem Resilience (CCIER) portfolio of projects. Within this context the CSA is currently supporting five (5) ongoing departmental projects through its Government Related Initiatives (GRI) funding plan. These 5 projects (April 2017 – March 2020) are being conducted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Meteorological Research Division and Landscape Science and Technology Division, Natural Resources Canada’s Canada Center for Mapping and Earth Observation and Canadian Forest Services in support of government priorities and policies.

In order to address the ongoing challenge of climate change and to take advantage of the EO-derived solutions potential, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), on behalf of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), plans to award contracts to qualified Canadian suppliers through the Earth Observation Application Development Program (EOADP) to support the development of innovative solutions and applications that address the CCIER needs in a Canadian context. The focus of this RFP is on the development of new advancements in the technologies and applications of EO data that will provide tangible solutions to evolving climate change challenges in Canada in response to emerging downstream end users and their needs. Climate change has attracted a growing community of downstream users who have just recently begun to appreciate the utility of space data for certain applications.

The companies receiving contracts are (taxes included);

  • Hatfield Consultants Partnership, North Vancouver, BC ($335,916)
  • AstroCom Associates Inc., Ottawa, ON ($339,000)
  • Arctus inc., Ste-Pétronille, QC ($335,874.56)
  • A.U.G. SIGNALS LTD., Toronto, ON ($334,321.80)
  • 3V GEOMATICS INC., Vancouver, BC ($313,950)
  • TRE ALTAMIRA INC., Vancouver, BC ($314,992)
  • Polar View Canada Limited, Ottawa, ON ($314,947.50)
  • MDA SYSTEMS LTD., Richmond, BC ($344,925)
  • Effigis Géo-Solutions Inc., Montreal, QC ($344,804.28)
  • MDA GEOSPATIAL SERVICES INC., Richmond, BC ($344,925)

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