BGen. Whale – Canada Should Consider a National Space Council and Support Launch Capability

BGen Kevin Whale at CASI ASTRO 2019. Credit: SpaceQ.

Brigadier-General Kevin Whale was once again candid with the audience at this years Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute ASTRO conference.

In this weeks SpaceQ podcast we hear from BGen Kevin Whale, Director General and Joint Force Component Commander for Space, RCAF who talked about Delivering The Space Objectives of Canada’s Defence Policy.

Some of the interesting points you’ll hear include that Canada should consider creating a National Space Council similar to what the US has. As well, it was clear by his remarks, that he supports a national launch capability. It’s not something the RCAF will do, but if there’s a commercial provider operating in Canada, the RCAF will seriously consider using that service. And to make that point, General Whale said he would like responsive capability, meaning if they need to launch something fast, an option is available commercially in Canada.

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BGen Kevin Whale presentation

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