Connektica fills a niche at the right time

Connektica offers a radio frequency test platform for satellites. Show here is a file photo of OneWeb satellites and antenna. Credit OneWeb/MDA.

On this weeks episode of the Space Economy podcast my guest is Jeremy Perrin, CEO of Connektica a Montreal based startup offering a radio frequency software platform to test antennas.

This is the final episode of season 4 of SpaceQ’s flagship podcast, the Space Economy. Season 5 is currently scheduled to start on September 27. Between now and then we’ll be featuring weekly interviews or presentations from other content creators.

As we wrap-up season 4, we’re excited, I’m excited, at what’s coming this fall.

The Space Economy podcast is going to focus a little more on what the New Space economy is and the companies contributing to its growth, including startups.

Along with the Space Economy podcast, Elizabeth Howell will be hosting our new Earth and Space podcast which will focus on how we use space based assets for weather, agriculture, maritime applications, disaster management, climate change and other areas to benefit humanity and preserve our environment.

Iain Christie will return for season 3 of Terranauts and will continue to provide context to the history of space including thematic narrated episodes and interviews.

We’re grateful to you, our growing listener base, for continuing to “listen in” to our podcasts as we further develop our skills at interviewing and story telling.

Ok, here’s a little background on this weeks episode. Sometimes being highly specialized can limit a business. However, there are times where that knowledge and skillsets can enhance a market segment. Connektica appears to be the latter. Though a startup, it appears their combination of radio frequency expertise, software development, and determined entrepreneurs, is arriving at the perfect time to tackle some of the issues of mass manufacturing of satellites.

Listen in.

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