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Canadian Space Agency Awards 15 Grants Totalling $5.5M for FAST 2023

Grants awarded under the FAST 2023 Announcement of Opportunity. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

The Canadian Space Agency has announced 15 grants totalling $5.5 million to date for the Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) 2023 announcement of opportunity (AO).

FAST grants were available in two categories:

  • Category A: Maximum grant of $500,000 for a maximum duration of three years for an end-to-end space-like mission project that includes the development or improvement of a technology, use of the technology during a flight, a field deployment or a research site deployment, and data collection and analysis; the maximum amount available per year is $200,000;
  • Category B: Maximum grant of $300,000 for a maximum duration of three years, for a space-related research project; the maximum amount available per year is $150,000.

Grants awarded for Category A – End-to-end space-like mission projects

McGill University, Quebec

  • Dr. Lyle Whyte ($499,977)

    Development and application of an integrated surface melt probe in Icy Moon and Mars analogue sites for biosignature detection and Mars sample return planetary protection risk assessment.
  • Dr. Jeff Bergthorson ($399,948)

    Space-manufactured fuels for propulsion and energy storage.

University of Calgary, Alberta

  • Dr. Johnathan Burchill ($500,000)

    Innovative Measurements of Auroral Geophysics for Education and Research (IMAGER).

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

  • Dr. Adam Bourassa ($500,000)

    SHOW Balloon payload development for HAWC mission validation.

University of Toronto, Ontario

  • Dr. Axel Guenther ($500,000)

    In Situ Tissue Engineering (INSITE).
  • Dr. Kaley Walker ($450,000)

    CALASET-NXT: Evolving a payload for atmospheric laser absorption spectroscopy.

York University, Ontario

  • Dr. Regina Lee ($449,350)

    Daytime Star Tracker Design and Demonstration for Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

École Polytechnique de Montréal, Quebec

  • Dr. Elham Baladi ($299,970)

    Integrated Communication and Space Debris Detection via Intelligent Surfaces.
  • Dr. Jean-François Masson ($300,000)

    Portable instrumentation for tracking inflammatory biomarkers in remote regions and in space.

University of Alberta, Alberta

  • Dr. David Keith Milling ($150,000)

    Payload for Energetic Particle Precipitation Education and Research eXperiment (PEPPER‐X).

University of British Columbia, British Columbia

  • Dr. Jess McIver ($296,978)

    Enabling multi-messenger astronomy with the LISA mission.

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

  • Dr. Li Chen($300,000)

    Development of Radiation-Hardened 32 bit RSIC-V Microcontroller.

Western University, Ontario

  • Dr. Livio Tornabene ($299,541)

    Analogue Field Testing, Training and Operational Readiness for the 2028 ExoMars Rover Mission: Co-analysis of PanCam and Enfys data to determine the origin of clays on Mars.

York University, Ontario

  • Dr. Aleksander Czekanski ($300,000)

    Simulating Microgravity in Understanding Bioprinting Optimized Process for Astronauts’ Wound and Severe Burn Patients Healing: Bridging the Gap for Training the Next Generation of Engineers.

  • Dr. Marina Freire-Gormaly ($300,000)

    Nanobubble Technology for gas-liquid enhancement in food growth applications for spaceflight environments.

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