Canadian Space Agency Awards $1.38 Million for Four Contracts

Credit: CSA/SpaceQ.

The Canadian Space Agency has awarded three contracts to universities related to last years Space Exploration Science Maturation Study and a robotic technology contract to MDA.

Space Exploration Science Maturation Study: Planetary Science and Space Astronomy

According to the RFP the “overall objectives of CSA Space Exploration Strategic Planning Science Maturation Studies are to mature and validate science requirements and plans for future missions in planetary science and space astronomy.”

A maximum of five contract were to be awarded, three for planetary science and two for space astronomy. Three of those contracts have now been selected.

  • Bishops University – Photmetric Observations of Extrasolar Planets ($150K)
  • York University – Surface Water Investigation with Raman Lidar on Mars ($150K)
  • University of Winnipeg – Detection of biosignatures on Mars using Raman ($157K)

Robotic technology contract

The other contract worth $918K was awarded to MDA for ongoing robotic technology development, in this case a Manipulator Interface Plate System II (MIPS-II).

Further details on these contracts are not available at this time.



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