Axiom Wants More MDA External Payload Interfaces For its Space Station

Axiom modular space station attached to the International Space Station. Credit: Axiom Space.

Axiom Space has signed a new agreement with MDA for external payload interfaces for its future commercial space station, the second time this year its tapped MDA for the Canadarm3 derived technology.

For this, the second commercial sale of Canadarm3 derived technology, MDA will provide 62 payload interface pairs for the Axiom Space Station. The first contract for interfaces announced in May of this year was for 32 interfaces.

In a news release MDA stated “The interfaces will provide mechanical, electrical, and data connections for payloads that are externally mounted on Axiom Station to perform activities including scientific research, Earth observation, communications, and a host of other applications.” The company also insinuated that they would be doing more with Axiom saying the agreement “sets the stage for further opportunities in advance of the first planned Axiom Station launch in 2024”

Axiom has been very busy of late building their partnerships including agreements with Hungary, Italy and Turkey The company also broke ground on a new headquarters in Houston and won a major contract to design and build spacesuits for NASA’s Artemis III mission.

Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space and the former NASA International Space Station program manager for 10 years said, “MDA and Axiom are building a solid partnership for the future of the world’s first commercial space station. Our growing work together reflects outstanding progress towards the development of Axiom Station. Canadarm3 has the proven capabilities and innovative technology that will help us form the foundational infrastructure for the next-generation microgravity platform, enabling a diverse economy in orbit driven by products made by world-class experts.”

Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA added, “This new contract is the latest milestone in our journey with Axiom Space, further solidifying MDA’s role as the world’s leading space robotics company and a key enabler in the global commercial space market. As demand for space robotics and other vital space infrastructure continues to expand, MDA is uniquely positioned with the knowledge, expertise and experience to meet the increasing commercial need for cost effective human-rated robotic technology and services.”

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