Jeremy Hansen and James Slifierz at the Waterloo Space Apps Challenge
Jeremy Hansen and James Slifierz at the Waterloo Space Apps Challenge.

Astronaut Jeremy Hansen Talk at the Waterloo Space Apps Challenge

This morning Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen spoke to an almost full audience in Waterloo at the Space Apps Challenge. It was a perfect talk for a general audience and was moderated by James Slifierz, CEO of startup SkyWatch, organizer of the event.

In the question and answer portion of the event, SpaceQ asked Jeremy if the moon is a destination he’s dreamed of visiting? His response, “I would love to go to the moon, I’ve been thinking about that since I was a kid. And for me, I don’t know what it is, but this vision I have, but standing on the Earth and looking up and seeing the moon and then going to the moon and standing on the moon and looking up and seeing the Earth, I just think, what an incredible human experience it would be.”

He went on to talk about how close the moon is, how it’s a great place to test technology and “that if we can learn to use the moon’s resources it’s much more efficient to harvest them in the low gravity of the moon, than to take them from Earth and fly them into space.”

Another question from the audience related to the event was if you had to choose one challenge for the Space Apps, what would it be? The answer had to do with all the data we’ve collected in time. We sometimes think we’ve gotten all we could out of older data, however there could be something useful that’s been missed.

The full talk is below.

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