Aerospace Review Report to be Released November 29

The Aerospace Review final report will be presented to Industry Minister Christian Paradis on Wednesday, November 28th* followed by a public release and press conference the following day at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa at 11:00 a.m.

The report is being released ahead of schedule and some industry representatives SpaceRef spoke to suggested that the reason could be that the annual Canadian Aerospace Summit is being held the following week in Ottawa and that it made sense for the report to be released ahead of this important event.
The report will not include submissions or the reports submitted by the working groups. However all the public submissions have been posted to the Aerospace Review web site and SpaceRef has learned that the working group reports will be posted online as well.
Earlier this year Mr. Paradis said the review would involve industry and key stakeholders and examine the following:
the long-term goals of the Canadian aerospace and space sectors;
the recent and anticipated future trends in the global and domestic aerospace and space sectors and how these trends could impact the Canadian industry;
the key opportunities and major challenges for the Canadian industry; and
the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian industry.
The review focused on a number of questions including:
What are the comparative advantages and vulnerabilities of Canada’s aerospace sector?
What opportunities and challenges do changing conditions present?
What can the Canadian aerospace sector do to take advantage of these opportunities and meet these challenges?
What might Canada learn from strategies used by governments, companies, and researchers in other countries?
What impacts are existing policies and programs having?
What modified or alternative policies and programs might government consider?
The review used a variety of tools to gather information and public input including:
A literature review and analysis of available data.
Working groups led by industry representatives.
Regional roundtables to solicit views from interested parties across the country.
An assessment of best practices in Canada and abroad.
Solicitation of written submissions.
The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) was a key organizer having created six working groups which were led by industry and will included other relevant stakeholders who were invited to provide their insight. The working groups had approximately six months to complete their work. The groups were:
– The Technology Development, Demonstration and Commercialization Working Group identified and assessed current Government of Canada instruments that support innovation and commercialization in the Canadian aerospace industry and identified potential changes to those instruments to address future opportunities for the industry.
– The Space Working Group examined how Government of Canada policies and programs can best be used to foster the economic growth and competitiveness of the Canadian space industry in order to meet public policy objectives and capture commercial opportunities.
– The Market Access and Market Development Working Group worked to understand the changing nature of global supply chains and the implications of these changes on the Canadian aerospace industry. This group also assessed current Government of Canada policies and programs that support market access and market development including export controls, barriers to trade and civil aviation certification.
– The Aerospace-Related Public Procurement Working Group examined how procurement by the Government of Canada can be leveraged to optimize economic benefits for – and enhance the competitiveness of – the Canadian aerospace industry.
– The People and Skills Working Group examined the current and future human capital issues impacting the competitiveness of the Canadian aerospace industry and how Government of Canada policies and programs can best be used to address these issues.
– The Small Business and Supply Chain Development Working Group examined the issues influencing the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized businesses and the effective positioning of Canadian SMEs in global supply chains.
A full analysis of the Aerospace Review will be published in the December issue of our magazine Space Quarterly which you can subscribe to from this link.
* SpaceRef has been informed by the Aerospace Review that the Minister will be briefed at a date and time to be determined by the Minister’s office. However multiple sources have informed SpaceRef that Minister Paradis will be briefed the day before the public release.

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