Aerospace Wants to Influence an Election, Enter the High Profile Former Politician

AIAC Vision 2025. Credit: AIAC.

Tired of the slow progress of the aerospace file within government, the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) hired a former high profile politician in the Honourable Jean Charest last fall.

The goal, to influence politicians. The tool, a cross-country engagement of “to start a new dialogue between industry, government, the public, and other stakeholders” chaired by Charest with an end product of a report to be distributed to anyone who will read it.

The initiative is called Vision 2025: Beyond our Imagination initiative.

My guest on this weeks SpaceQ podcast is the Honourable Jean Charest, a former federal Cabinet minister, Leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party, and former Liberal Premier of Quebec. Mr. Charest was hired by the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada to chair the Vision 2025: Beyond our Imagination initiative.

That initiative was launched last October to start a new dialogue between industry, government, the public, and other stakeholders. Mr. Charest and the AIAC have held engagement days in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and at the time of this conservation, in Halifax on February 13. Mr. Charest has also held private meetings including with ISED Minister Bains and several Provincial ministers and leaders.

At the end of the consultations a report will be issued which the AIAC will use leading up to the federal election this fall.

Note, this podcast was to have aired last week, however the announcement by the Prime Minister of Canada that his government was committing of over $2 billion that will see Canada participate in the NASA led Lunar Gateway program along with funding for new technologies related to the moon meant that we bumped the podcast a week. In its place we had an interview with Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Minister Bains who oversees the Canadian Space Agency.

Now, events are unfolding again with a big announcement expected this week, likely tomorrow, news that SpaceQ broke. That announcement is the long expected new Canadian space strategy.

It’s important to note we only know a portion of what will be in the new Space Strategy, that being the moon as the highest funded priority. And for this podcast, one of the interesting topics we’ll be keeping an eye going forward is the growing interest at the Provincial level in supporting the space program.

With the current events in mind we’ve decided to publish this podcast today as opposed to our regular Thursday. Why? The news tomorrow will have have an effect on the topic being discussed. This podcast was recorded on February 13.

Listen in.

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