Upcoming Webinar to Discuss Lunar Gateway, Canadarm3 and New Space Opportunities

Opportunities in Space: Lunar Gateway, Canadarm3 and New Space webinar. Credit: Space Place Canada.

Space Place Canada is hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 2 with a focus on Opportunities in Space: Lunar Gateway, Canadarm3 and New Space, the first event in a new series.

Space Place Canada, a Toronto based non-profit, has been around for some time advocating for “iconic 21st century public planetarium” in Toronto. It has garnered some support, including limited corporate backers. While it works towards its goal, it’s leaders have been hosting useful webinars.

This webinar, Opportunities in Space: Lunar Gateway, Canadarm3 and New Space, brings together four excellent speakers including David Mann, Director of Talent Acquisition at MDA, Brain Gallant, Chief Executive Officer of Space Canada, Robert Zee, the founder and director of the Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), and Craig McClelland, Senior Analyst, Industrial Participation for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

Space Place Canada describes the event as follows:

Get on board the new Canadian space economy. What is happening? What are the commercial, research and career opportunities? What are the pathways to participate?

This session, the first of an intended series, will provide participants with an overview of the developments and opportunities in Canada from the perspective of government, Industry Association Space Canada, innovation at the University of Toronto’s Space Flight Laboratory, and industry leader, MDA, who will discuss the latest about their projects, including the CANADARM3. Learn how firms and professionals, in a wide range of specialties, can become part of the Canadian space industry story.

Future sessions will introduce participants to the initiatives of other Canadian sector leaders and the different opportunities this industry presents, as well as the expanding Canadian government engagement in promoting the Canadian space sector and its role in helping us address our earthly challenges, including climate change, and cyber security.

Registration for the free event is open. The event will be held between 4:00 – 5:30 pm ET.

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