The Moon Race is On

Artist illustration of a lander on the moon. Credit: Blue Origin.

Today’s podcast is all about the moon. I’ll first share some of my thoughts on recent developments with respect to the exploration of the moon by the global space community. Then we have an interview with Pierre-Alexis Joumel, a co-founder of the Moon Race.

My interview this week is about the Moon Race competition. The competition is a global initiative founded by Airbus and its international partners including Blue Origin, and is aimed demonstration key technologies required for the sustainable exploration of the moon.

The race consist of challenges in four parallel technology streams. If you’re a small or medium business who are interested in getting your technologies demonstrated on the moon then this initiative just might be for you.

Listen in.

Show notes:

– 0:18 Start of my introduction and thoughts surrounding the recent developments on the exploration of the moon.
– 7:08 Introduction of my guest.
– 7:59 Guest interview.

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About Marc Boucher

Boucher is an entrepreneur, writer, editor & publisher. He is the founder of SpaceQ Media Inc. and CEO and co-founder of SpaceRef Interactive LLC. Boucher has 20+ years working in various roles in the space industry and a total of 30 years as a technology entrepreneur including creating Maple Square, Canada's first internet directory and search engine.

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  1. Lee Jerome Baker

    Remarkable work over the years. Boucher has been keeping the CSA accountable to the forebearing realities of the 21st century. He has argued, keenly, for a significant round of new funding on the basis of his arguments that early funding in the Interplanetary Economy now will inevitably pay off when a soon-and-coming rapid expansion boom (due to the imminent moon boom (you could read “explosion”) and mining campaigns will lead to rapid technological advances and territorial investments. It might be argued/predicted/projected, for instance, that 10 Canadian dollars invested by the Canadian Gov’t in the FYI 2019 budget will yield 1500 Dollars (Terra-Coin, American Dollars and/or Euros) by FYI 2025.

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