The Government Wants Your Input for Budget 2019

File photo: The Standing Committee on Finance pre-budget consultation. Credit: The Standing Committee on Finance (FINA).

The federal government’s Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) has sent out notice that is now accepting submissions as part of its annual Pre-Budget Consultation for Budget 2019.

The annual Pre-Budget Consultation is a great opportunity for industry groups, organizations and individuals to have their voice heard on next years budget.

Written submissions become part of the record, and those making submissions can optionally request to appear before the Finance Committee in the late summer, early fall. It also provides an opportunity for those making submissions to meet and get to know members on the Committee.

According to the Committee’s press release, “In September, on behalf of the Committee, the Clerk of the Committee will extend invitations to selected groups and individuals to appear as witnesses during the pre-budget hearings. All those who make a submission will be considered as having made a request to appear. Priority will be given to individuals and groups that address ensuring Canada’s competitiveness, and have not yet – or have not recently – appeared before the Committee. Pending approval by the House of Commons, the Committee intends to hold hearings in Ottawa and in various locations across Canada. Once those locations and the hearing dates have been confirmed, the Committee will issue a news release.”

Note that while the press release states that the Committee will “extend invitations to selected groups and individuals to appear as witnesses”, I have been told in the past you can proactively contact the Clerk of the Committee and make your request, though there is no guarantee you’ll be invited.

The theme this year is Economic Growth: Ensuring Canada’s Competitiveness. According to FINA “the focus of submissions and testimony should be on what steps the federal government can take to support and/or encourage Canadians and their businesses to grow the economy in the face of a changing economic landscape”.

The deadline for written submissions Friday, 3 August 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Submissions should be no longer than 2,000 words. The Committee has provided template for submissions.

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