Summer Series Episode 2: The Future of Nuclear Powered Space Exploration

Kilopower: A gateway to abundant power for exploration. Credit: NASA

Last week we began our our three part podcast Summer Series with a talk on the Parker Solar Probe which is on its way to touch the sun, a first for humanity. In episode 2, the topic is the Future of Nuclear Powered Space Travel and the the Kilopower Project.

Our Podcast Summer Series features recent important talks on topics we think you’ll find interesting. Our regular interviews will resume the first week in September.

The speaker this week is Patrick McClure of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. McClure is the Project Lead for Kilopower Project which is an effort being conducted with NASA. The lecture was presented at the National Atomic Testing Museum earlier this year.

The Kilopower project is a near-term technology effort to develop preliminary concepts and technologies that could be used for an affordable fission nuclear power system to enable long-duration stays on planetary surfaces.

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