Second Canadian Space Policy Symposium Set to Discuss Canada’s Future in Space

A year ago the Canadian Space Commerce Association hosted the first Canadian Space Policy Symposium. This year, post Space Advisory Board consultations, the space community will gather in Ottawa November 9th  to discuss further steps need in building Canada’s future in space.

Canada’s space future is very much a topic of discussion in the space community. While businesses do what they must to secure customers, government policy affects decisions by businesses. Just as importantly, policy also affects what educational institutions offer students in terms of courses and supported research. Which means it’s important for the space community to have clear government policy direction.

That has not been the case for nearly a decade now. Which is why an event like the Canadian Space Policy Symposium is important.

While the Space Advisory Board, appointed by the government, is a very useful mechanism for the government to hear from the space community, it’s not the only one. The Canadian Space Commerce Association represents industry, many of which are small businesses, and academia.

This helps to understand how the Symposium schedule is put together. Below is the preliminary schedule. I’m told a few yet to be confirmed speakers, some notable, could be added. Registration is open, but limited.

Preliminary Schedule

Breakfast, Networking & Welcome

  • Welcome and Introduction- Michelle Mendes, Executive Director and President, CSCA

Government and Agency Update

  • Sylvain Laporte, President, Canadian Space Agency (Invited)
  • Dr. Gilles Leclerc, Director General, Space Exploration – Canadian Space Agency

Break, Networking

Topic Specific Speakers and Panels

  • Disruptive Technologies: Adam Keith, EuroConsult North America
  • Big Data: James Slifierz, CEO Skywatch; DigitalGlobe (Speaker to be confirmed);
  • Engagement: Anna Kapiniari, Director of Communications, Canadian Space Agency; Dr. Marianne Mader; Dr. Melissa Battler, Mission Control Space; Dr. Gordon Osinski, Western University

Lunch, Networking

Space Advisory Board Sessions

  • Space Advisory Board Update: Dr. Marie Lucy Stojak, Chairperson of the Space Advisory Board and Director of the School on Management of Creativity and Innovation at HEC Montréal

Interactive Session on Youth, Academia and Industry with the Space Advisory Board:

  • Dr. James Drummond; William MacDonald Evans; Stéphane Germain (Invited); Dr. Douglas Hamilton (Invited); Michelle Mendes; Dr. Gordon Osinski; Dr. Michael Pley; Dr. Afzal Suleman; Christine Tovee

Closing Address – Dr. Iain Christie, Executive Vice President, AIAC


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