Notice of Interest: Space Regulatory Roundtable

SpaceQ is considering hosting a Space Regulatory Roundtable in early to mid-September, likely in Ottawa, to bring the space community together for a one day forum to discuss the space regulatory environment in Canada and the potential for regulatory reform during the next government mandate.

The Space Regulatory Roundtable will include a couple of invited talks, followed by moderated round-table discussions in the morning and after lunch.

If you or your company would like to participate please complete this Notice of Interest form. This form will be online until Friday, August 9, 12:00 pm EDT. At that point we expect to open up registration.

The objectives of the forum will be to: foster a common understanding of the current status of space regulation in Canada; to arrive at an understanding of the extent of the consensus in the space community regarding reform that is required; and to understand the nature and extent of any difference of opinion that exists in the community regarding the direction and scope that regulatory reform should take.

SpaceQ Intel, a division of SpaceQ Media Inc.
This event is organized by SpaceQ Intel, a new division within SpaceQ Media Inc.

SpaceQ has approached Iain Christie – formerly of CEO of Neptec Design Group and until recently EVP of AIAC, to help organize and facilitate the roundtable based on Iain’s experience organizing similar community discussions in the past. Iain agreed and will volunteer his services to lead the development of the content for the forum and to act as the moderator for the day.

This will be a small event, perhaps 50 people. This is an opportunity for industry and academia to share their viewpoints. Government representatives, including policy people, will be present. It’s important to register your interest as soon as possible as space will be limited.

Register your interest for this event. Registration is now open.

Note: there will be a small registration fee for the event which includes lunch.

This is a SpaceQ Intel event, a division of SpaceQ Media Inc.

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