MDA To Build Communication Satellite System for Ukraine

The National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) has awarded MDA a contract to build them a communication satellite system including a geostationary communications satellite, two satellite control centres and related ground infrastructure. The deal is worth $254 million dollar (US).

The financing for this project is being provided by Export Development Canada (EDC).

Mr. Zinchenko, President of NSAU said, ‘We are very excited for this contract award, which is the first major step in a long-term strategic partnership between NSAU and MDA in the fields of satellite communications and Earth observation.’

Don Osborne, the vice president responsible for this business said, ‘This is the second large win for MDA in the Commonwealth of Independent States. This opportunity is particularly exciting as it has brought together best in class Canadian information solutions with financing from EDC to meet the needs of the Ukraine National Space Agency.’
The communications satellite will support direct broadcast television and high-speed Internet access.

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