Kepler Communications continues to wait on the FCC

Launch on January 2018 of China's Long March 11 carrying the Kepler Communications satellite. Credit: Xinhua.

As other small satellite constellations get their spectrum licenses approved, Kepler Communications is stuck waiting, as patiently as any startup can be when trying to execute its business plan.

It’s no secret Kepler had hoped that it’s U.S. spectrum license would have already been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by now. But the FCC moves at its own bureaucratic pace and only a few of the applications submitted to the FCC in November of 2016 have been approved including Telesat.

In a move to perhaps help the FCC make its decision, Kepler filed a letter with the FCC dated May 2 that included a letter from the Canadian government approving their spectrum licence in Canada. The two letters are published below and the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada letter provides more information on the Kepler satellite constellation plans.

Kepler launched its first satellite on January 19 of this year becoming the first Canadian company to launch on a Chinese rocket.

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