GHGSat Takes Advantage of Invitation to the World Economic Forum

GHGSat satellites. Credit: GHGSat.

Last July GHGSat was invited to take part in the just concluded World Economic Forum as one of 56 Technology Pioneers. They prepared and made sure to take full advantage of the opportunity.

This week on the SpaceQ podcast my guest is Stephane Germain the founder and CEO of GHGSat. GHGSat is a Montreal based global emissions monitoring company. They’ve developed novel technology and a proprietary platform that uses data from sensors on their small satellite Claire and starting this year on airplanes.

By the end of the summer they hope to have two more satellites, Iris and Hugo in orbit. The three satellites are just the beginning of a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit the company plans to launch.

To make that constellation a reality, GHGSat is currently fundraising in its Series B round. While Germain won’t say how much funding specifically they want to raise, he did provide some clues which leads us to believe its somewhere between US$20-70 million.

GHGSat visualizer simulation
GHGSat visualizer simulation. Credit GHGSat.

In Davos, GHGSat took advantage of the opportunity to announce a new free visualising greenhouse gas emissions service. The new online service will be launched during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November.

I caught up with Germain on his return to Montreal and he provided an update on the company and his thoughts on the World Economic Forum.

Listen in.

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