GHGSat releases its 2021 methane emissions report

First results from GHGSat-C1 satellite indicates performance 5 times better than its predecessor. Credit: GHGSat.

GHGSat is reporting that it detected 143 MTCO2e (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) in methane emissions in 2021.

GHGSat says the emissions it detected is the equivalent of “31.2 million cars driving on the road for a year.”

The report goes on to says that 2.3 MTCO2e in emissions were mitigated in 2021, though emissions are on the rise.

Global methane emissions on the rise. Credit: GHGSat.

Here are some other findings:

  • Fossil fuels and landfills dominated emissions – The majority of emissions we detected came from carbon-intensive energy industries despite massive emissions from waste management.
  • 2021 Oil and Gas Trends, Central Asia, the highest emitter – In 2021, 2.6Mt of methane emissions measured in high-resolution emanated from oil & gas facilities. Combined, the five highest measurements from oil & gas sites released CO2e emissions equivalent to burning 42.4 million barrels of oil.
  • Largest emissions in North America were from the Permian (Basin).
Permian Basin map. Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica.
Permian Basin map. Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • 2021 Coal Mine Trends – GHGSat measured 1.7Mt of CH4 emissions from coal mines in 2021, including from the world’s top coal producing countries such as China, Australia, Russia, and India.
  • 2021 Landfill Trends – With landfill accounting for 20% of all our recorded industrial emissions last year, GHGSat worked with operators and authorities to raise awareness of the major role waste emissions play in the global methane budget.

Download the 2021 methane emissions report

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