For Guy Lalibert and the One Drop Foundation Space Trip was a Media Winfall

It would seem Guy Lalibert really got good value for the $35 million he spent on his flight in October to the International Space Station. According to Influence Communication of Montreal who were authorized by Lalibert to assess the value of the media coverage, the total advertising value of Lalibert’s media coverage between June 4 and October 14, 2009 was CAN$592 million.

What’s more 92% of this value was realized between the peak period of September 30 and October 14, during which the One Drop Foundation show was broadcast.
Lalibert had dubbed his mission a Poetic Social Mission in Space. Lalibert used the opportunity to share information and raise awareness about water-related issues with the world. It would seem he superbly achieved his message spread the One Drop Foundation dream of “Water for all, all for water”, at least from a media perspective.
Influence Communication further estimates that approximately 878.8 million people may have been exposed to the news in 71 countries. Of these, 23% were Americans. The news item carried by the electronic media represented more than 28,300 minutes of airtime, the equivalent of 19.6 days of continuous broadcasting.
Evaluation of the media coverage of Guy Lalibert’s spaceflight Cost-effective on all fronts, Influence Communication

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