NordSpace Completes Flight-ready Rocket Engine Test, Aims for Suborbital Flight in 2024

Hot fire of the Hadfield-10 engine. Image credit: NordSpace.

Markham, Ontario based NordSpace finished their first test of a flight-ready rocket engine on Feb. 8 with the plan of launching to suborbital space later in the year. In an interview with SpaceQ, CEO Rahul Goel shared some details on funding, fuels and more. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. Fact-driven space news, columns, business, policy, technology and more. Support …

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Canadensys Aerospace Built Imagers Set for Lunar Launch

An imager built by Canadensys Aerospace that will be on the Intuitive Machines IM-1 lunar mission

The upcoming second launch of a NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) mission to the Moon will include imagers from Canadensys Aerospace for the International Lunar Observatory Association and Intuitive Machines. The latter was partially funded by the Canadian Space Agency through the Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program.

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Reaction Dynamics Finishes Hybrid Engine Development with 30 Second Hot Fire

30 seconds test firing of the RE-101, December the 18th 2023. Joliette, Québec

Canadian launch company Reaction Dynamics has completed a thirty-second test fire of the RE-101 hybrid propulsion system for its Aurora small-lift rocket. The company said that this concludes developmental testing of the engine, and that it is moving on to prepare for actual launch attempt testing, with a goal of reaching orbit. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. Fact-driven space …

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Astrobotic Peregrine Propulsion System Anomaly Jeopardizes Mission

The Astrobotic Peregrine spacecraft Multi-Layer Insulation in the foreground appears damaged.

The launch of the United Launch Alliance new Vulcan rocket carrying the Astrobotic Peregrine spacecraft at 2:18 a.m. ET was flawless. And approximately two hours later Astrobotic issued a press release saying that they had “successfully contacted the lander and began receiving telemetry. ” Everything seemed fine, but the next update several hours brought to light an anomaly that appears to have put the landing in …

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Canadarm-Based Medical Robot Passes FDA Review

Image-Guided Autonomous Robot (IGAR)

A medical robot based on the Canadarm has recently passed FDA review. Called the Image-Guided Autonomous Robot (IGAR), it lets doctors perform surgery while a patient is inside an MRI scanner, allowing for more complex and difficult surgeries with greater reliability. It’s sold by Insight Medbotics, after being developed by both MDA and the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii), and it’s yet another …

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