Canadian Space Summit.

Canadian Space Summit 2011 Call for Papers

The Canadian Space Society has put out its first call for papers for the Canadian Space Summit 2011 being held in Calgary between November 16-18. This years theme is “Big Data from Space and Earth: Challenges and Opportunities“.

Technical sessions include:

Earth Orbit, including uses of Earth orbit for benefits on Earth, precision navigation and timing, space based remote sensing of Earth, space debris and the long term sustainability of Earth orbit, on-orbit servicing, space situational awareness, effects of space weather on satellites, and micro/nanosatellite technology. Featured in the Earth Orbit session will also be Satellite Communications, including the latest spacecraft under development and new coding techniques to provide higher data rates.

Astronomy, including metrology and precision space telescope structures, space telescope detector and receiver technologies (X-ray, UV, THz), attitude control and pointing technologies, space telescope optics technologies, and space astronomy science instrument concepts.

Planetary Exploration, including planetary analogue science and missions, engineering field tests, spacecraft design, propulsion technologies, and all aspects of robotic and human exploration of the Solar System, including asteroids.

Life Sciences, including the role of space in promoting health on Earth, physiological and psychological challenges with space exploration and development, and new developments and discoveries from space based research. Featured in the Life Sciences session will also be Operational Space Medicine, including human biology and countermeasures, human behaviour and performance, and all aspects of training, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment technologies tested in ground non-analogue, terrestrial analogue and the ISS environments.

Law and Policy, including legal issues surrounding exploration, exploitation, and habitation of space, national and international space policy and regulation, debris mitigation and liability, and fostering space enterprise and science and technology.

Space Commercialization, including challenges and opportunities for commercial enterprise, areas where Canadian space industry can excel, and developments in national and international markets.

Education and Outreach, including elementary, secondary and postsecondary programs, student participation in space missions, the role of government and industry, new roles for educational institutions, and communication of space activities to the public.

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SpaceRef is a proud sponsor of the Summit and will be in attendance.

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