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Canadian Space Agency Issues RFP for Moon Rover Prototypes

The Canadian Space Agency today issued a call for proposals to build two Lunar Exploration Light Rover (LELR) prototypes at maximum cost of $11 million per rover. Up to two contracts will be awarded with each contract requiring a prototype to be built. Only one contract will be awarded per bidder. Proposals are due by August 17th.

The winning bid(s) will have until December 31, 2012 to complete the contract. The winning contractor will design, development, produce, assemble and test the prototype, integrate payloads on the rover and conduct a field deployment.
The lunar rovers are to be unmanned robotic rovers for a human precursor mission for sample collection and scientific investigation. However the prototypes will include the ability for them to be upgraded to carry up to two astronauts for short traverses similarly to what the Apollo astronauts did in the Lunar Roving Vehicle.
This call for proposals comes only a couple of months after the CSA issued a similar call for proposals for a Mars prototype rovers.

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