Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen Completes NEEMO 19 Simulation Mission

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut Jeremy Hansen has completed his week long simulation mission in the undersea Aquarius habitat as the exploration Lead for NEEMO 19 (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) with an international crew.

As Exploration Lead, Hansen was guiding the crew in the planning and execution of underwater Extravehicular Activities (EVA’s).
According to the Canadian Space Agency the EVA’s are “designed to simulate challenging communications delays between the ground and astronaut crews in extreme conditions that closely resemble a space environment. During these spacewalk simulations, they will be testing exploration concepts and evaluating tools and techniques in varying levels of gravity ranging from that of asteroids to the gravity of Martian moons and Mars itself.”
NEEMO 19 Flickr Photoset (111 images)
NEEMO 19: Mission Day 1

NEEMO 19: Mission Day 2

NEEMO 19: Mission Day 3

NEEMO 19: Mission Day 4

NEEMO 19: Mission Day 5

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