Canadian Space Agency to host Second Artemis Accords Workshop

The Canadian Space Agency headquarters in Longueuil, Quebec, were built in 1992. The building's design concept is inspired by the International Space Station and it was named in honour of John H. Chapman, pioneer of the Canadian Space Program. Image credit: Canadian Space Agency.

It was a little less than a year and half ago that the first Artemis Accords signatories meeting was held in Paris. Next week, the Canadian Space Agency will host the second workshop at its headquarters between May 21-23.

While 40 countries have signed the Artemis Accords, with Lithuania having just signed this week, 25 signatories will be represented next week.

The hosts of this workshop are Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities Sameer Zuberi, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) President Lisa Campbell and NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy.

There are no details regarding what’s on the agenda other than a media advisory stating that “signatories will attend the workshop to pursue their commitment to ensuring safe and sustainable deep space exploration.”

The 40 signatories of the Artemis Accords. Image credit: NASA.
The 40 signatories of the Artemis Accords. Image credit: NASA.

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