Canada Gets Its Own ‘Space Force’

Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, Commander Royal Canadian Air Force (front left), Brigadier-General Mike Adamson, Commander 3 Canadian Space Division (front right), Chief Warrant Officer John Hall, Royal Canadian Air Force Chief Warrant Officer (back left), and Chief Warrant Officer Debbie Martens, 3 Canadian Space Division Chief Warrant Officer (back left), participated in a ceremony that marked the establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division on 22 July 2022.. Credit: Department of National Defence.

Following similar moves by the United States, Britain, and Australia, Canada now has its own 'Space Force.’ Specifically, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) established 3 Canadian Space Division (3 CSD) on July 22, 2022, which has evolved out of the RCAF’s Director General Space (DG Space) organization.

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