Austerity Budget Won't Help Space Sector

For those in the space sector hoping that this Thursday’s federal budget would provide some new programs or spending, the tea leaves we’re reading say otherwise. In fact with an austerity budget on tap the Canadian Press is reporting that discretionary spending will be down.

For the civil space sector there might be little in the way of new cuts. However as reported today in the Globe and Mail, the military looks to be getting an 8% cut.
“Part of the shortfall will be absorbed by National Defence. The Canadian Press reports that the department will be asked to absorb an 8-per-cent hit to its operating and maintenance budget, representing a revenue loss of $32-million. This latest cut comes on top of $226-million previously ordered.”
With no new funding expected in the budget the next question is, will the government act on the Emerson Report?
Specifically, will the government announce the creation of the Canadian Space Advisory Council as was recommended?
As well, will a new deputy minister-level Space Program Management Board be created as recommended?
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