An introduction to China’s space economy – Part 2

Launch of GalaxySpace satellites. Credit: GalaxySpace.

In 2014 China didn’t have any private space companies. Today there are over a 100, the number is growing, and this past week GalaxySpace became the first space unicorn in the country with a valuation of over $1 billion after completing its Series B+ round.

SpaceQ will now begin to cover China’s emerging space economy on a more regular basis. That coverage will include what the export opportunities are for western nations.

Our ongoing coverage continues with the second part of our two part special podcast, an introduction to China’s space economy.

My guest again this week on the second part of The Space Economy podcast is Blaine Curio, a space and satcom industry consultant based in Hong Kong who focuses primarily on China. Beside his own consultancy, Orbital Gateway, Blaine also consults as a Senior Affiliate with Euroconsult. And this past summer, he along with co-host Jean Deville, launched a podcast called the Dongfang Hour, or literally translated, Eastern Hour.

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