A Look Ahead at the Space Exploration Economy

The future of the space economy. Credit: NASA.

This week on the Space Economy podcast we have the final and 10th episode in our special series Doing Business in the Solar System hosted by Elizabeth Howell.

While this may be the last podcast in the Doing Business in the Solar System, I’m happy to announce that Elizabeth will be back in the fall hosting a new podcast for SpaceQ, making it the third podcast we produce. More details on Elizabeth’s podcast will be revealed in September.

Today’s podcast: It’s notoriously hard to predict the space exploration economy. Twenty years ago, space tourism was a pipe dream and no company had yet sent a cargo ship to the International Space Station. These days, tourist flights and cargo ships are becoming more common. Are there any lessons we can draw to think ahead to say, 2050?

Joining us is Michael Dodge. He earned multiple law degrees, and is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of North Dakota’s Department of Space Studies.

Listen in.

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