Pandemic delays Canadian CubeSat Project satellite deployment to 2022

Artist rendering of McMaster University NEUDOSE CubeSat, a participant in the Canadian CubeSAt Project. Credit: McMaster University.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has informed SpaceQ that the first batch of Canadian CubeSat Project satellites which were scheduled to be launched to the International Space Station in 2021 for deployment into low Earth orbit, has been pushed back to 2022.

The Canadian CubeSat Project is made up of 14 university and one college led teams across the country, and includes participation from every province and territory. Working with, and supporting the teams, are another 55 organizations which includes other educational organizations, corporations, government organizations and there are even a few international partners.

According to the CSA in email exchange with SpaceQ, the pandemic has meant that students have had limited or no access to research labs depending on their location and have had limited ability to meet in person. This has put the teams behind schedule.

The CSA further informed SpaceQ that all the CubeSat Projects will now launch in 2022 in two batches. The CSA has yet to determine how many will launch in each batch.

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