Earth’s oceans and climate

Oceans and climate. Credit: ESA.

Canada recently signed an Earth observation agreement with the European Commission which will see the exchange of important data including on oceans and climate.

One of the important areas where Canada will get new data has to do with oceans and climate and human impact on oceans.

The video below was released this week by the European Space Agency during the Living Planet Symposium.

“Earth’s oceans are huge heat stores, soaking up 93% of the excess heat from human activity over the past 70 years. Ocean currents redistribute heat around the planet, from the Equator to the poles. Where this ocean heat goes influences weather patterns and regional climate. As well as absorbing heat, oceans are a natural carbon sink, absorbing a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions from human activity. This has led to the acidification of ocean water, threatening marine life.”

“The amount of heat and carbon dioxide absorbed depends on a number of ocean variables, all of which can be measured from space.”

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