Are the Artemis Accords Becoming Something Greater

NASA has announced that Germany is the latest signatory to the Artemis Accords. This makes them the 29th country to sign on to the Accords, which includes signatory countries from around the world: including India, Nigeria, Brazil, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan and Canada, as well as other European signatories like France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy. Are the Accords becoming something greater than …

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New Space Security Portal Launched

Space Security Portal

Following the release last week of the new Outer Space Security lexicon, and ahead of the upcoming Outer Space Security Conference in a few weeks, the Secure World Foundation and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) have launched a new Space Security Portal (SSP).

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Canada’s Space Procurement System Too Slow, Say Experts

Procurement system discussion. Left to right: Kevin Whale, MDA; Jordan Miller from Calian Group; General Colin Keiver, Deputy Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force; and moderator Fatima Atik, Executive Director. Policy Insights Forum.

“The way the government does procurement in this country is not relevant or fit for the task when it comes to space. It is not agile. It does not move quickly enough.” That was the blunt assessment of Canada’s space procurement policy by panellist Major General Colin Keiver, Deputy Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force during a July 13, 2023 Space Canada webinar. This …

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Space Canada Releases Defence Recommendations

Space-based Earth Observation

Space Canada recently released a new policy position paper.  Called “Innovating at Home, Defending Our Interests: Canada’s Space Innovators’ Contribution to National Defence,” it’s focused on Canada’s role in the increasingly important space defence domain.

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CSA Departmental Plan Reveals 2023 Focus on the Moon, Beyond and Some Other Notable Changes

Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program

Artemis 2 will be the big news for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in the coming weeks, along with the suite of Moon announcements released in this week's budget. That's all very important, but here we will focus on not only that, but other matters in the CSA's 2023-24 Departmental Plan (DP) to talk about other important agency programs and matters, to provide context on …

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