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Wherefore Art Thou, Customer? – Part 4 of An Entrepreneurial Space Series 

This the fourth installment in the series on An Entrepreneurial Space.  If you have not read the previous articles you may want to take a moment to do that before reading this one.  So far in this series we have talked about the general features that define entrepreneurial space businesses.  We have talked about The Founders of those businesses and the journey they take from …

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Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne will launch three NorthStar Earth & Space satellites in mid-2023

NorthStar Selects Virgin Orbit to Launch First Satellites by Mid-2023

Montreal’s NorthStar Earth & Space, a commercial space-based situational awareness (SSA) startup, has announced who their launch provider will be for their first three satellites. The three 16U microsatellites are scheduled for launch in mid-2023 and will reach low Earth orbit with launch services provider Virgin Orbit. If all goes well, Virgin Orbit could be well placed to launch an additional 21 NorthStar satellites.

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