Canadian Space Agency Quietly Releases New Logo

New Canadian Space Agency logo, light background version. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

There was no press release, no hoopla, just some social media posts. That’s how the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) approached releasing its new branding.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I would have thought the CSA would have made a bigger deal of it. When contacted they pointed me to a web page. The new branding isn’t even on their home page. They did however create the 24 second video below.

This is how the CSA describes the new logo.

The new CSA logo, elegant in its simplicity, features three stars and a maple leaf.

The maple leaf

As Canada’s national emblem, the maple leaf generates pride and a sense of belonging, and is also recognized all over the world. It gives the impression of taking flight, symbolizing daring invention and our sights set on the future, ready to push the boundaries of ingenuity and innovation.

The star

The star represents space and symbolizes brilliance, intelligence, and expertise. Its repetition embodies the strength of the community, which includes all those involved in the Canadian space program – industry, scientists, academia, government, and STEM organizations.

New Canadian Space Agency logo, light background version
New Canadian Space Agency logo, light background version. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

For those who we’re curious as to why they changed their branding, this is what the CSA states on their new logo page.

Why are you changing the logo? Canada is entering a new era of space exploration. With the return to the Moon, an increasing need for Earth observation data and a growing Canadian space industry, the timing is ideal to give Canada’s space program a modern, simplified symbol that is distinctly Canadian and embodies the values of the future-focused space sector.

They’ve also included a page for collaborator and contractors with a different versions of the logo and how to use them. And if you want to buy some branded products those are now available at the Ingenium boutique.

While I like the old logo, I can see the appeal of this new modern, minimalist version. What do you think? Comment below or send me your thoughts.

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