Barenaked Ladies Ed Robertson and Astronaut Chris Hadfield to Premier Song in Space

Sharing the adventure of being an astronaut, exploring space and conveying the work he does in space is nothing new to Chris Hadfield. But with the opportunity to spend six months on the International Space Station allows him to expand what he’ll do with his time to include some recreational activities. And if that includes doing something no one has dome before on his spare time, then why not.

While Hadfield has an intense six months work plan ahead of him once he gets to the space station, we need to remember that he’ll be living “up there” as well. Like everyone else he’ll have some down time.
For Hadfield, one of his downtime projects includes the newly announced collaboration with
Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson to produce a new song and debut it simultaneously in space and on Earth.
What’s more CBC Music and the Coalition for Music Education have joined the collaboration and will debut the song for its Music Monday special on May 6th, 2013. Working with the Canadian Space Agency, the CBC with Hadfield and Robertson will engage “hundreds of thousands of students” who will sing along, according to the Canadian Space Agency.
Learn more about Music Monday from the Coalition for Music Education.
Here’s a sneak peak at the song as the collaborators meet in-studio to work on the song.

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