ASX's 7th Annual Expanding Canada's Frontiers Symposium

The Astronomy & Space Exploration Society (ASX) at the University of Toronto invites you to this exciting event!

– Prof. Peter Schultz (NASA LCROSS mission): Water on the Moon – a new oasis for life in space
– Prof. Sara Seager (MIT): seeking the stuff of life beyond our solar system
– Dr. Firouz Naderi (NASA JPL): engineering the future of robotic space exploration
– Dr. Narendra Bhandari (Indian Space Res. Org.): India’s Space Program finds water in the lunar desert
DATE & TIME: Friday, January 29, 2010, 6:30 PM
(Doors open at 5:30 PM, reception at 10 PM)
LOCATION: Convocation Hall, University of Toronto (31 King’s College Circle, Toronto)
Students: FREE from eventbrite:
General Public: $20 ($15 until Jan 7, 5pm) from UofT TIX:
Phone #: (416) 978.8849
** This event has attracted over 1,000 attendees in the past, so do book your ticket early!
ABSTRACT: The search for habitable worlds other than our own, from nearby in our solar system to far away exoplanets, is one of the greatest scientific endeavors of human history. The discovery of many exoplanets in recent years as well as the astonishing discovery of water on the moon has propelled this quest to the forefront of today’s scientific research. With these discoveries in mind, ASX is pleased to present a truly inspiring cast of speakers who are at the forefront of this field. Please come out on January 29th to hear these speakers talk about their latest work and accomplishments as well as their perspectives on the search for other worlds and space exploration.
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