As MDA Turns 50 we Talk with Group President Mike Greenley

MDA at 50. Credit: MDA.

MDA has been in business for 50 years now, which is no small achievement, and it’s not easy to keep a company growing for a long period of time.

In today’s SpaceQ podcast I speak with Mike Greenley, Group President of MDA.

It’s been nearly a year since Mike was last on the show, and today we’ll discuss MDA celebrating its 50th anniversary this month and the changes at MDA and parent company Maxar since Mike joined the company last year.

Companies go through quiet periods, and occasionally turbulent periods. This past year has been a somewhat turbulent period for parent company Maxar. The stock price has plummeted. The GEO satellite communication market hasn’t recovered and now some SSL assets are up for sale. A short seller attacked the company, the company lost its flagship WorldView-4 satellite, and now there are some shareholder lawsuits which could cause some additional problems. These are some hefty issues to deal with. With relative ease, Mike discusses these issues.

There’s also been another change at MDA, a subtle one, but one which we touched on when Mike joined the company last year. As a share of the overall MDA business, the defence portfolio is in the minority, but it is growing. And contracts from the Canadian Surface Combatant Program which will add upwards of 200 jobs, demonstrate how MDA is once again adapting its business model.

Listen in.


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