An early look at NASA’s plans for a lunar Artemis Base Camp

Artist illustration of NASA astronauts at a possible Artemis Base Camp. Credit NASA.

NASA has a plan to get astronauts back on the Moon’s surface as early as 2024. But what will an Artemis Base Camp look like beyond the first mission?

On this weeks episode of the Space Economy podcast we have special episode. In this Future in Space Operations teleconference held on April 14, 2021 we learn what NASA is planning for its initial first south pole lunar camp, which for now they’re calling the “Artemis Base Camp.”

We have two speakers that will discuss NASA’s plans. Jeff George serves as the Lunar Architecture lead for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA HQ, and is a member of the Exploration Mission Planning Office at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Bret Drake currently serves as the Associate Director of the Space Architecture Department for the Aerospace Corporation. The presentation that goes with this talk is available on our website.

An Early Vision for the Artemis Base Camp


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