Advisory Committee Aims to Help NASA Further Commercialize Space

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine speaks to the Advisory Council in August of 2018 where announced the creation of the Regulatory and Policy Issues Committee. Credit: NASA TV.

NASA is looking at how it can further commercialize its activities. To that end, in August of 2018 it created the Regulatory and Policy Issues Committee as part of its Advisory Council.

My guest this week for the SpaceQ podcast is Mike Gold, Vice President, Regulatory and Policy at Maxar Technologies. For this podcast we’re going to talk to Mike about his other role. That of Chair of NASA’s Advisory Council Regulatory and Policy Issues Committee.

Mike is one of 15 members, mostly from industry, that meet several times a year including with NASA’s other Advisory Council committees.

The members include;

  • Mike Gold (Chair), Maxar Technologies
  • Jennifer Warren, Lockheed Martin
  • Caryn Schenewerk, SpaceX
  • Sirisha Bandla, Virgin Galactic / Orbit
  • Thomas Culligan, Boeing
  • Audrey Powers, Blue Origin
  • Jim Armor, Northrup Grumman
  • Jeffrey Manber, NanoRacks
  • Mark Mozena, United Launch Alliance
  • Meghan Allen, Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Sagi Kfir, Deep Space Industries
  • John Logsdon, Historian, GW Univeristy
  • Mark Sundahl, Cleveland State University Law School
  • Josef Koller, Aerospace Corporation

In its first meeting last November the committee published its first observations, findings, and recommendations. The committee tackled a board range of ideas from export controls, intellectual property, supporting space-based commercial development, private sector habitats, logos, advertising, astronaut endorsements and space research. The committee report is available below.

Listen in.

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