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A Night Dive in Pavilion Lake, British Columbia

From researcher Dale Andersen: “During the PLRP field season of 2009, Dr. Ian Hawes and I made several night dives. Here you can see Ian exploring the microbialites, searching for grazers such as amphipods and snails that might have an impact upon the overall growth and morphology of the structures. The underwater video was taken with my Sony PMW-EX1 in a Gates Housing using a …

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Pavilion Lake in British Columbia Makes for a Good Planetary Analog

A group of researchers from academia, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and NASA are currently at Pavilion Lake in British Columbia exploring and studying the origin of rare freshwater carbonate rock formations found there. This research not only helps us better understand our knowledge of the earth it prepares for future exploration of the moon and Mars.

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