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Sara Mazrouei

Scientific Ambitions and Dreams – A Personal Story

Sara Mazrouei has been a member of the SpaceQ team since last September and has a passion for sharing the wonders of the universe with the public. She also has a personal story, a story of her journey to fulfill her dreams and an obstacle she is facing. This is her story as told at a Story Collider show in Toronto.

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The Orbital ATK Rendezvous, Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD) Lab uses full scale mock-ups of client vehicle and Mission Extension Vehicles to test RPOD sensors, actuators, control algorithms and contact dynamics of our satellite servicing vehicles

Satellite Servicing and Small Satellites – Coming of Age

Does it seem to you that satellite servicing and small satellites are more frequently in the news? It wasn’t always the case, but many believed it was just a matter of time when these business segments would begin to have an impact. This interview by Eva-Jane Lark from the September 2012 issue of Space Quarterly Magazine is with Jim Armor Major General (retired), one of those believers. A …

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The Three Body Problem

Amazon’s Billion-Dollar Bet on Chinese Science Fiction

People were surprised to hear that Amazon is willing to spend a billion dollars to secure the rights to a streaming adaptation of Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem. Yes, Amazon is willing and able to pay big dollars for television adaptations—they’re already working on a massive Lord of the Rings prequel series. But a billion dollars? For this series? It won a Hugo, but …

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