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Canadian Space Agency Announces Spaceflight Research Opportunity

On the heels of the Canadian Space Agency’s recent announcement of a major expansion of its space exploration program comes this new announcement of opportunity. Researchers have until June 28th to submit a letter of intent for their life science experiment. Successful proposals will be flown between 2004 and 2006 and have maximum annual funding of $100,000 for up to three years. Experiments must take …

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Canada Home to State of the Art Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility

While Canada’s robot arms do their work in orbit, Canadian researchers on the ground are developing cutting edge deep space life support systems. The University of Guelph in Ontario has opened a brand new Controlled Environment Systems (CES) research facility that will eventually contain 14 hypobaric (reduced pressure) chambers. The chambers – the first of which was opened last week – will allow researchers to …

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A Canadian Martian Scientific Wish List

Participants at the 3rd Canadian Space Exploration Workshop (CSEW) had the happy task on Saturday of putting together a wish list of scientific objectives for a Canadian program of Mars exploration. On Friday night, Canadian Space Agency Executive Vice President Marc Garneau had surprised the space sciences community by announcing his intention to see Canada become a major player in the international Mars research scene. …

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