OneWeb Selects Florida as Manufacturing Hub but Opportunity Still Exists for Canadian Companies

It comes as no surprise that OneWeb Satellites, the joint venture between Airbus Defence and Space and OneWeb, selected Florida as its manufacturing base for the majority of the 900 satellites it wants to build. Rumour of an impending deal was circulating as early February. Now that the deal is done, it doesn’t preclude Canadian companies providing parts or services to OneWeb.In fact, last fall MDA announced it was partnering with OneWeb. Specifically MDA would provide OneWeb with antenna for the satellite constellation and payload design and engineering services. That has not changed.

Also Greg Wyler, Founder and Chairman of OneWeb, was in Toronto early February at the Canadian SmallSat Symposium where he spoke about OneWeb’s plans as well as holding meetings with various Canadian companies.

As OneWeb moves closer to production it should not come as surprise should any deals with Canadian companies be announced.

OneWeb Satellites Completes Its Industrial Organisation, Airbus Defence and Space

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